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Using Marshall's True Stereophonic to pump out immersive multidirectional sound from a rugged amp-inspired frame, the Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a cool-looking option for enjoying your music on the go. To get that rich and enveloping sound from such a small speaker, Marshall equipped the Stockwell II with one 10W and two 5W Class-D amplifiers. They power a woofer and pair of tweeters, which are contained within a bass-reflex enclosure designed to look like one of Marshall's iconic amps, right down to the steel mesh grill emblazoned with the famous Marshall logo. The design aesthetic is continued into the carrying handle, which is made to look and feel like a guitar strap.

All-Day Battery Life
Stream audio all day long thanks to the Stockwell II's built-in battery, which supplies a generous 20+ hours of power on a full charge.
Bluetooth and Multi-Host
Pair your Bluetooth-compatible mobile device to stream everything from music to movie audio through the Stockwell II from up to 30' away. Support multihost technology: You can pair two different Bluetooth sources to the speaker and switch between them as needed.
Analog and Digital Control Panel
Enjoy a sleek mix of old and new with an integrated control panel that features old-school knobs for adjusting bass, treble, and volume, while a digital indicator keeps you up to speed on the Stockwell II's remaining battery life.
Additional Features
Quick charge the speaker for 20 minutes and enjoy up to 6 hours of playback
3.5mm input jack
Rugged silicone exterior that's IPX4-rated splash resistance

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